Natural Dog Treats for Most Loyal Companion

naturaldogtreatWe can see them every time we walk into the store. Dog treats line the shelves. Some claim that they are natural, but with all of the preservatives and ingredients they contain you can never be too sure. The next time you are in a store just pick up a bag on dog treats to see what ingredients are in them. You are likely going to see a few ingredients you recognize and can pronounce, but you will also see a lot of ingredients that have very long names that no one can pronounce, much less tell you what the ingredient is.

These added ingredients are nothing more than preservatives and additives that have little to do with the overall health of the dog. Some of these ingredients can even be detrimental to the dog’s overall health. Most treat containers will tell you that the treat is only to be used as a treat and not the primary source of nutrition for the dog. It is true that a treat should be used as a treat, but the mere fact that they put that statement on the packaging should be a statement about the health of the ingredients the treat contains.

What Dog’s Should Eat

Dog treats in the store contain an average of 15 and up to 30 different ingredients within them. Even if they claim that they are all natural, that number of ingredients is just unnecessary. Some of the healthiest foods for dogs are the simplest. You have to remember that dogs were once wild and untamed. They did not have a lot of ingredients to choose from in the wild. They ate one ingredient at a time and those ingredients were not even cooked. The mere fact that all of these insane ingredients come in supposedly all natural treats can confuse the dog’s system and can bring on ailments and health issues that could easily be avoided by true all natural ingredients.

Treats should be made from simple ingredients. There is no need for a long list of complicated ingredients that are not essential to the dog’s overall health. All natural means that if the label states that it is a chicken, liver, or even a vegetable derived treat then that ingredient should be the primary ingredient. There are a number of natural dog treats on the shelves in local grocery stores, but you have to be diligent in your pursuit and read the ingredients contained within the treat.

Not to Be Primary Source of Nutrition

A dog’s physical makeup is a complicated one. Just like humans they need a variety of nutrients to ensure that they overall health needs are met. Even if you are buying an all natural dog treat product if that is the only form of nutrition you are providing for your dog, he is likely not getting the adequate nutrition he needs in order to live a healthy and productive life. Treats should primarily be used as a reward system for the dog’s accomplishments.

When the treat is used as a reward for the dog it gives him something to look forward to. Taking that motivating aspect away by giving him the treat all the time makes treats of no use and therefore does the dog no real good. Happy and healthy dogs love getting a little something extra for accomplishing a task. We humans can understand this. I am certain that you have rewarded yourself at some point by going out and getting you a treat for your accomplishments and it is our duty to provide our dogs with that same feeling of accomplishment.

A Bone is Not a Treat

Many people use bones as a means to treat their dog. This should not be considered a treat. A bone is merely a way to keep dogs busy and should not be given as a treat. Bones are not really edible and more a product used to allow the dog to chew and strengthen his teeth. All natural dog treats are edible and provide a certain amount of nutritional elements. The all natural ingredients provided are even safe for humans to eat, although it is unlikely that you will see a human eating them for a snack.

Dog treats are a great way to train you dog and can be purchased practically anywhere that sells standard dog food. If you are pressed for time in your daily routine it is perfectly fine to purchase dog treats as long as the ingredients are truly all natural. If however your schedule allows for time, making dogs treats is highly beneficial because you are able to control the ingredients within the product. No matter which avenue you choose, as long as you are using the treats in the correct manner and there are no harmful substances present they should be used.

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