Liver – Dogs will do anything for them

7312550XSmall-liver_largeA guaranteed way to make your dog happy is to use liver treats. Whilst you can get these from places such as Pets At Home they are also very easy to make yourself and are a great training tool
Why should I consider liver treats?

Vitamin A

Like a lot of things too much can cause damage. Liver is quite rich in Vitamin A so be careful. So, how much is too much? As liver is mainly used for treats you shouldn’t have to worry too much. It is generally considered that Organ mean should be no more than around 10% of the total diet

Organic Liver for dogs

The function of the liver is to remove toxic waste from the body, it is therefore generally considered that using organic liver will have less toxins and not been fed with steroids and other toxins like a certain fast food chain chickens are. . For this reason many people recommend organic calf liver. Since the calf is young, it will have a minimal amount of build-up compared to an adult.


Liver is very smelly when you drying it. Personally I like the smell but not everyone does so it is highly advisable to open some windows whilst drying out liver or making your dogs favorite liver cake

Cleansing Up the Mess

When doing homemade dog treats. t dries very quickly and can be hard to get off. T dries very quickly and can be hard to get off. T dries very quickly and can be hard to get off. T dries very quickly and can be hard to get off. I would recommend that you immediately rinse any utensils especially food processors to make them easier to clean. If this is not possible then at least put them in soak.

Liver cakes, liver biscuits, dried liver are a great starting pint if you are just discovering making your own treats and will provide lots of treats for positive reinforcement and the recipes are simple

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