Homemade puppy treats

homemadepuppytreatsResearch has shown that dogs are likely to live longer if a nutritious diet is consistently fed to them. This means that the food you give to your furry little pets can have an effect on their health at a later stage. Therefore, it is important that you prepare the food for your puppy instead of relying on mass-produced dog food. Mass-produced dog food contains preservatives and artificial colours that can harm your puppy’s health. If you are a puppy owner who is looking for new ways to make treats for their puppies at home, then the following food suggestions can help:

1. peanut butter biscuits
For making this treat you may need eggs, honey, flour and vegetable oil. These ingredients can be mixed with tpeanut butter to form a thick batter. The batter is then placed on the baking tray and the required temperature of the oven is adjusted depending on the appliance that you are using. The biscuits can be shaped as a bone so that your puppy likes. Corn grits and peanut butter in the biscuit can help to provide the required nutrients that can re-energise your puppy.

2. Coconut and butter biscuits

Before you make the puppy treats it is important that you get your puppy examined by a vet. If there are some food items that your puppy is allergic to then it is better to know about those items before you prepare a treat for them. To avoid food items that can cause allergies, many pet experts recommend the use of neutral ingredients like butter and coconut to make the biscuits. These biscuits have the appropriate minerals that can benefit your puppy.

3. Banana and parsley dog treat
For special occasions you can prepare treats from fruits and herbs. Banana and parsley dog treat can be a good source of vitamins for your puppy. These treats can be prepared by adding mashed bananas and parsley in wheat flour with some water to blend the ingredients together. Some puppies might like the treats to be crunchy so you can change the temperature of cooking the mixture according to your pet’s preference. To decorate the treats you can wrap a bow around it so that the puppies are excited to eat it.

4. Sweet potato butter sandwiches
If your puppy lurks in the kitchen when you cook scrumptious meals then maybe it is time to give them a treat by making sweet potato butter sandwiches. Even if you are a new to cooking dog food, this recipe can be simple enough for you to follow. The ingredients for this recipe can be found easily in the kitchen. You may need to boil the sweet potatoes so that they are soft enough to be added to the flour with butter. After you have mixed the batter, you can bake the individual slices of the sandwich. The baked slices can be put together with a butter filling. Most of these treats can be kept in an air tight container in the refrigerator for future consumption.

Homemade puppy treats can be a good way to improve the appetite of your pets. There are several recipes that you can follow to make the desirable puppy treats. Some of them include peanut butter, coconut and corn grits. Fruits like banana can be added to the make the puppy treats more delicious. Sweet potato can be used with flour to make sweet sandwiches for your puppy.


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