Homemade Dog Biscuits

homemadedogtreatsAs humans we find ways to treat ourselves on an, almost, daily basis. We may take a trip to our favourite coffee house or possibly even to the local bakery in order to satisfy our sweet tooth. For some a treat is stopping by a favoured retail shop to buy the new top that has just hit the stores. For others a treat can be as simple as finding a quiet place to sit and read. Whatever the treat may be we have to get our fix in order to feel whole.

As we are getting our treat fix we do not always think of our dogs. Dogs are our companions when there is no one else around. They are there for us when the world has turned away. That place deserves honour and respect. Our beloved dogs are entitled to a treat every now and again just like we are. Most of us will treat our dog with some store bought dog treat that has the scent and even the shape of random cuts of meat. Others choose to literally throw the dog a bone.

For the classic dog owner, the only treat to be had is a dog biscuit. Dog biscuits have been dog’s best friend for decades. They can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any dog’s preference. It makes an owner’s heart happy to see their dog jump for their favourite treat. Dogs fill our lives with so much joy and happiness that we want to shower them with treats just to see them smile. There are, however, problems with store bought dog biscuits.

High in Calories

Dog biscuits are manufactured to be treats. They meant to be given out as special rewards for the dog. They are not manufactured to be the animal’s main source of nutrition. As was stated before dogs love to get biscuits and we love to make them happy. When a dog is given treats as dog food health issues can become a problem
Dog biscuits are high in calories. The dog is supposed to only eat one at a time. A small amount of these high calorie biscuits is perfectly fine for any dog to enjoy, but giving the dog too many treats can lead to weight gain. Just like humans, the weight is easily put on, but very hard to take off.

Mass Produced

Manufactured dog biscuits are mass produced in large factories and are made as fast as the machine can go. There are times where the machine may not be cleaned properly or an object could be accidentally dropped into the dog biscuit ingredients. Even with quality control checks mistakes can happen and it is our loving animals that pay the price.

Homemade Dog Biscuits Are The Healthy Solution

Store bought dog biscuits are not the only game in town. Many people have begun to make their own biscuits for their dogs. In recent years many people have experimented with ingredients and published recipes for homemade dog biscuits. These homemade dog biscuits offer many benefits than that of the store bought variety.

Easy to Prepare

Homemade dog biscuits can be made from many ingredients that are contained in any average cook’s kitchen. They can be made very quickly and stay fresh for long periods of time. Homemade dog biscuits are also much cheaper to prepare than they are to purchase.

Healthier for the Dog

Many dogs have allergic reactions to ingredients in store bought dog biscuits. With all the ingredients contained within them it can be hard to determine exactly what is making the dog have a reaction. With homemade dog biscuits the ingredients can be controlled and changed to allow the animal to have the dog biscuit without the allergic reaction. The calorie content can also be controlled to keep the dog’s weight in check.


In the times we live in, it is important to work on solutions that will help us rely less on the grocery store and more on our own individual know how. There is a large emphasis on green technology to become more self-reliant, but the truth of the matter is that self-reliance is less about the large things that can be done and more about the small changes that can be made in our lives to sustain us more efficiently.

We have an ultimate desire to show our pets that they are loved. Some show them love with expensive toys and high dollar dog biscuits. The dog does not understand how much money is spent on him or her. They understand the look on your face when they have done something that is worthy of a dog biscuit. We cook for those we love in our household. We tell them that the things we cook are made with love. Shouldn’t we love our dogs enough to cook them homemade dog biscuits?

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