Homemade dog treats – a beginners’ guide!

golden retriever, cuisine avec un rouleau à patisserieMaking sure your dog eats well is just as important as making sure you eat well – and the good news is that it’s really easy and straightforward to make homemade treats that are good for your faithful friend, without the additives that shop bought treats contain.

Equipment you’ll need for Homemade Dog Treats

Not only is making your own dog treats very easy, you only need very basic kitchen items to get started. Many of these things will already be in your kitchen, and if you don’t have one or two things, don’t worry about it.

  • A mixing bowl
  • Wooden spoon, spatula, a knife or biscuit cutter
  • An electric mixer or food processor
  • A muffin or fairy cake tin, baking sheet
  • Oven or microwave
  • Freezer bags or food grade plastic tubs for storage

A note about ingredients

Most of the ingredients you need to make delicious and healthy treats for your dog are readily available in your local shops or supermarket – liver, peanut butter, cheese, fish will all go towards creating treats that your dog will love. There are, however, some foods which you should not feed your dog. Chocolate, grapes, coffee, potatoes, garlic and onions should all be avoided when creating treats for your dogs.

Liver treats
Dogs love liver – even if you don’t fancy cooking it. Use chicken liver for a tasty tit bit that you can give your dog as a treat or reward.


500g chicken liver

130g digestive biscuits

3 tbsps runny honey

Handful of parsley, chopped

You will also need: a food processor, microwaveable dish approximately 8 inches square (or equivalent round), foil, baking sheet, skewer or knife, cooling rack


Turn the oven on to 200C (180C fan)

Place all ingredients into the bowl of your food processor and whizz up together until you have a smooth mixture.

Scrape the mixture into your microwaveable bowl, then microwave on high for around 7 minutes – or until a skewer or the blade of a knife poked into the centre of the mixture comes out clean.

Turn the microwaved mixture on to a cooling rack and leave it ‘bottom side up’ to get rid of any condensation.

Once the mixture is dry, cut into small squares of around an inch, then spread the squares on a foil covered baking sheet and bake in the pre-heated oven for 1.5 hours.

Allow the treats to cool, keep some in the fridge for immediate use, and freeze the rest for another day.

Homemade Dog Biscuits

homemadedogtreatsAs humans we find ways to treat ourselves on an, almost, daily basis. We may take a trip to our favourite coffee house or possibly even to the local bakery in order to satisfy our sweet tooth. For some a treat is stopping by a favoured retail shop to buy the new top that has just hit the stores. For others a treat can be as simple as finding a quiet place to sit and read. Whatever the treat may be we have to get our fix in order to feel whole.

As we are getting our treat fix we do not always think of our dogs. Dogs are our companions when there is no one else around. They are there for us when the world has turned away. That place deserves honour and respect. Our beloved dogs are entitled to a treat every now and again just like we are. Most of us will treat our dog with some store bought dog treat that has the scent and even the shape of random cuts of meat. Others choose to literally throw the dog a bone.

For the classic dog owner, the only treat to be had is a dog biscuit. Dog biscuits have been dog’s best friend for decades. They can be purchased in a variety of shapes and sizes to fit any dog’s preference. It makes an owner’s heart happy to see their dog jump for their favourite treat. Dogs fill our lives with so much joy and happiness that we want to shower them with treats just to see them smile. There are, however, problems with store bought dog biscuits.

High in Calories

Dog biscuits are manufactured to be treats. They meant to be given out as special rewards for the dog. They are not manufactured to be the animal’s main source of nutrition. As was stated before dogs love to get biscuits and we love to make them happy. When a dog is given treats as dog food health issues can become a problem
Dog biscuits are high in calories. The dog is supposed to only eat one at a time. A small amount of these high calorie biscuits is perfectly fine for any dog to enjoy, but giving the dog too many treats can lead to weight gain. Just like humans, the weight is easily put on, but very hard to take off.

Mass Produced

Manufactured dog biscuits are mass produced in large factories and are made as fast as the machine can go. There are times where the machine may not be cleaned properly or an object could be accidentally dropped into the dog biscuit ingredients. Even with quality control checks mistakes can happen and it is our loving animals that pay the price.

Homemade Dog Biscuits Are The Healthy Solution

Store bought dog biscuits are not the only game in town. Many people have begun to make their own biscuits for their dogs. In recent years many people have experimented with ingredients and published recipes for homemade dog biscuits. These homemade dog biscuits offer many benefits than that of the store bought variety.

Easy to Prepare

Homemade dog biscuits can be made from many ingredients that are contained in any average cook’s kitchen. They can be made very quickly and stay fresh for long periods of time. Homemade dog biscuits are also much cheaper to prepare than they are to purchase.

Healthier for the Dog

Many dogs have allergic reactions to ingredients in store bought dog biscuits. With all the ingredients contained within them it can be hard to determine exactly what is making the dog have a reaction. With homemade dog biscuits the ingredients can be controlled and changed to allow the animal to have the dog biscuit without the allergic reaction. The calorie content can also be controlled to keep the dog’s weight in check.


In the times we live in, it is important to work on solutions that will help us rely less on the grocery store and more on our own individual know how. There is a large emphasis on green technology to become more self-reliant, but the truth of the matter is that self-reliance is less about the large things that can be done and more about the small changes that can be made in our lives to sustain us more efficiently.

We have an ultimate desire to show our pets that they are loved. Some show them love with expensive toys and high dollar dog biscuits. The dog does not understand how much money is spent on him or her. They understand the look on your face when they have done something that is worthy of a dog biscuit. We cook for those we love in our household. We tell them that the things we cook are made with love. Shouldn’t we love our dogs enough to cook them homemade dog biscuits?

Liver – Dogs will do anything for them

7312550XSmall-liver_largeA guaranteed way to make your dog happy is to use liver treats. Whilst you can get these from places such as Pets At Home they are also very easy to make yourself and are a great training tool
Why should I consider liver treats?

Vitamin A

Like a lot of things too much can cause damage. Liver is quite rich in Vitamin A so be careful. So, how much is too much? As liver is mainly used for treats you shouldn’t have to worry too much. It is generally considered that Organ mean should be no more than around 10% of the total diet

Organic Liver for dogs

The function of the liver is to remove toxic waste from the body, it is therefore generally considered that using organic liver will have less toxins and not been fed with steroids and other toxins like a certain fast food chain chickens are. . For this reason many people recommend organic calf liver. Since the calf is young, it will have a minimal amount of build-up compared to an adult.


Liver is very smelly when you drying it. Personally I like the smell but not everyone does so it is highly advisable to open some windows whilst drying out liver or making your dogs favorite liver cake

Cleansing Up the Mess

When doing homemade dog treats. t dries very quickly and can be hard to get off. T dries very quickly and can be hard to get off. T dries very quickly and can be hard to get off. T dries very quickly and can be hard to get off. I would recommend that you immediately rinse any utensils especially food processors to make them easier to clean. If this is not possible then at least put them in soak.

Liver cakes, liver biscuits, dried liver are a great starting pint if you are just discovering making your own treats and will provide lots of treats for positive reinforcement and the recipes are simple

What to Have in the Pantry for Homemade Dog Treats

leftover-dog-treatsIt seems that these days there is always a health warning about some food or other, from hidden sugars, to the dangers of processed foods. As humans, we can alter our diets or avoid certain foods, which we know are bad for us, but many people don’t think about extending this change to their pets. Similar to human food, there are a number of chemicals, or low quality meats put into dog food and treats, which can be just as harmful to your pets as poor quality food is for you.

Uncomplicated ingredients to benefit your faithful friend – and your pocket!

So why not take matters into your own hands and start with making your own dog treats. You’ll know exactly what’s going into your dog’s body and that it is completely healthy and chemical free. They don’t have to be complicated and full of specialist ingredients, most homemade treats can use every day ingredients from your store cupboard, or can be easily found in your local supermarket.
For example, making some basic dog biscuits all you need is carrots, oats, peanut butter, coconut oil, some flax seeds if you have them and eggs. By blitzing the carrots and oats in a blender or food processor then mixing the rest of the ingredients in, you can create your own dog biscuits in all shapes and sizes to bake in the oven. It doesn’t stop there, you can mix up the vegetables, maybe using sweet potato, peas, green beans or even fruit as long, as it’s pitted or non-seeded.

By making sure you have an a supply of staple ingredients like brown rice, rolled oats, honey cheese and peanut butter, you can pretty much make any combination as long as your dog likes it. Just be mindful to adjust your dog’s portion sizes accordingly if you’re giving more treats, as this can be an easy way to put on extra weight, especially for small or senior dogs.
It’s not all about biscuits

You don’t have to be limited to biscuits either, you can also make meat treats, such as dehydrated livers. These are packed full of iron, protein and plenty of vitamins, which are great for your dog and are super easy to make. All you need are some sliced beef livers to bake in the oven for a few hours to dry them out nicely.

The great thing about making your own dog treats is that your dog will love you even more, you know they’re eating healthy treats and you can save money too.

Homemade Dog Treats for Sensitive Stomachs

475641159mAllergies and sensitivity to certain ingredients is growing at an alarming rate. We see it on the news and in our very own homes every day. Chemicals used to make many processed foods are not very good for human consumption. We, as humans, generally make the necessary adjustments to our diet and go about our lives, but what about our dogs that may have sensitive tummies as well?

We give our dogs the best of everything. They are awarded the softest bed in the house, toys to entertain their every playful desire, and expensive, store bought dog treats. A dog given all of these comforts should be the happiest animal on the planet, but there may be a problem. Store bought dog treats are mass produced in factories in any number of countries.

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Homemade puppy treats

homemadepuppytreatsResearch has shown that dogs are likely to live longer if a nutritious diet is consistently fed to them. This means that the food you give to your furry little pets can have an effect on their health at a later stage. Therefore, it is important that you prepare the food for your puppy instead of relying on mass-produced dog food. Mass-produced dog food contains preservatives and artificial colours that can harm your puppy’s health. If you are a puppy owner who is looking for new ways to make treats for their puppies at home, then the following food suggestions can help:

1. peanut butter biscuits
For making this treat you may need eggs, honey, flour and vegetable oil. These ingredients can be mixed with tpeanut butter to form a thick batter. The batter is then placed on the baking tray and the required temperature of the oven is adjusted depending on the appliance that you are using. The biscuits can be shaped as a bone so that your puppy likes. Corn grits and peanut butter in the biscuit can help to provide the required nutrients that can re-energise your puppy.

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Simple Dog Treats

Chicken Jerky Treats

Sweet Potato Dog Biscuits

Show Your Dog Some Love

chihuahua-624924_640Dogs are more than just a pet they are part of the family and we all love to spoil them. What better way to show your love than to make some homemade dog treats and the best bit is you know exactly what is in them.

The best homemade dog treats are the ones that are made with ingredients that we purchase from the supermarket.

Show Me the Biscuit

The great thing about cooking for your four legged friend is that you don’t need to be an expert. They really don’t care what it looks like as long as it smells and tastes great. The other great thing is you do not need anything fancy and probably have the ingredients in your cupboard Feel free to experiment a bit and have some fun! Mix and bake your dog treats like regular cookies, but take out the sugar and add ingredients such as vegetables, chicken or beef bouillon, or peanut butter. You’ll most likely want to make your homemade dog treats a little thicker than the typical cookie, so be sure to increase the baking time. When your homemade dog treats are done, guaranteed someone you know (your dog, of course!) will be willing and eager to test them for you. Keep track of his favourites!

Everything in Moderation

Chances are your dog will go wild over his homemade dog treats, and that will make you feel great! It’s hard not to spoil your dog when he’s so appreciative, but keep in mind that dog treats should make up no more than 10 percent of your dog’s daily diet. Also make sure to watch the fat content in your dog’s treats, and stay on the safe side by sticking to lower-fat versions. If you are modifying human cookie recipes, make sure to never use chocolate, onions, raisins, grapes, or macadamia nuts in your dog treats, as these ingredients are all highly toxic to dogs.

So at the end of the day don’t worry to much about what it looks like and have fun and be creative.

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